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We build longterm relations, we want you to feel happy during our partnership. That's why we do our best to make the proccess so simple and clear as a dinner at restaurant. We are happy to build an amazing product with you

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Hello. We Make Apps

Look & Feel is a team of passionate designers and engineers. We design and build beautiful digital products in mobile, web, wearables and IoT areas

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We Are Non-Tech Friendly
It Is Easy To Work With Us

We understand that technology and design can be complicated for non technical people. That is why our product development proccess is designed to keep it easy for you to get a clear understanding at every moment.

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We Build Amazing Products

Every product we touch becomes intuitive and easy to use. We do our best to design the most amazing and beatiful user experinece you can ever imagine

  • Your Simply

    Personal news application.
    Was featured by Apple

  • Cookies

    Fortune Cookies App, always in your pocket, ready to advice

  • Cloud Keyz

    Cloud Based Keyless Entry for Commercial Real Estate

  • Jobrain

    Simple and Intuitive HR Tool used by SMBs and big Corporations alike

  • UTrader

    Leading safe and secure Binary Options trading platform

  • Berths

    Useful application for sailors. Helps to find the closest marina

  • Rooms

    Tiny property managment tool. It helps you to keep on track your real estate business

How We Can Help

We build digital products in Mobile, Web, Internet Of Things and Wearables areas. Our team will help you to build brand new product from scratch or to take existing one to the next level.

Product Design and UX

The UX layer is where the value and profit is. We are great at creating amazing UX, easy to use and good looking applications.

Mobile and Web Applications

We build mobile and web applications from scratch. We are here to make your idea tangible and to deliver it to the world.

Internet of Things

In the area of IoT we can help you with product design, prototyping and building your new gadget on early stage.

High Loaded Back-End

We do higih quality engineering. Our powerful back-end solutions can handle millions of acrtive users every day.

We Make Enterprise Software Easy To Use

We do great job in B2B startups. Usually we transform complicated
enterprise software into beautiful and easy to use applications

Working on a new B2B
start-up ? Get in touch

We care about your product with the same attention as you do. We build relations like we are your co-founder, not a contractor

We Always Start
From Prototype

There is no need to buy shoes until you try it. We always start from deep analysis of your needs and provide two screens interactive prototype of your product

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We Care As You Do

We care about your product with the same attention and patience as you do. Every product is handcrafted with love. We are happy to help you.

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